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Bells of Ireland

Moluccella laevis (Bells-of-Ireland, Bells of Ireland, Molucca balmis, Shellflower, Shell flower) is a summer flowering annual, native to Turkey, Syria and the Caucasus. It is cultivated for its spikes of flowers. In the language of flowers, it represents luck.


Matthiola Incana

A possible native in South Wales, Southern England and The Channel Islands, this is nationally a very scarce plant which likes to be warm by the sea. It used to be gathered in armfuls from the cliffs of the Isle of Wight for its "delicious perfume". Nowadays, although there are still a good number of plants to be found, there are not enough to gather in "armfuls". The leaves are usually entire and the long fruit pods are characteristic.

It is mostly found along the south coast of England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man with a few outposts here and there in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


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